About Us

Marc and Alex at NamesCon
Marc Mojica & Alexander Mojica at NameCon Global 2022

Our Vision

Our vision is to free the world from ".com".

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to alternative TLDs for accessible quality content. Alternative TLDs include gTLDs and decentralized TLDs (such as Handshake).

Company Name

SNIAMOD is simply DOMAINS backwards.

Company History

SNIAMOD LLC is a proud Michigan company located in Ann Arbor (Michigan's tech hub).

In June 2022, the CEO and founder started with a simple idea: to create 50 informational websites using an unknown generic top-level domain (gTLD). By September, the number of websites jumped to 400.

After learning about Handshake at NamesCon Global 2022, the company started focusing on building a major product (to be announced soon) to bridge the Web2 and Web3 worlds.


Proud to partner with Microsoft for Startups
2022 Bronze Member Internet Commerce Association (ICA)

About the Founder

Marc Mojica, CEO

Marc Mojica is a proven leader with 20+ years of diverse business, technology, and engineering experience.

Marc pursued and bootstrapped SNIAMOD LLC in June 2022 after exiting his role as CTO, Cofounder, and Partner of 6+ years from an entrepreneur-focused website company. He helped grow the previous company from nothing to a $7 million annual revenue success. At the time of leaving, the company achieved 1.8+ million monthly website visitors (mostly organic) across 2 websites with a staff of 40+.