Alternative TLDs

TLD = Top-level Domain. This is the ending of a web address. You'll recognize this typically as ".com".

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are the newer TLDs that started showing up after late 2013. They are also known as "alternative TLDs". Following are some examples of gTLDs: ".online", ".website", ".llc", ".business", and ".xyz".

Many have purchased domains with alternative TLDs, but few have developed them. This is a problem that has plagued many great ".com" domain names--investors hanging on forever for that "big" sale.

Many of the following myths about alternative domains continue:

The facts about alternative TLDs:

At NamesCon Global 2022, two domain investors shared their domain sales stats in the session "Real Deals, Real Numbers." It was revealed the majority of their sales were alternative TLDs.

Some domain investors have portfolios composed primarily of ".com" TLDs and will discourage any interest in alternative domain names. Don't be fooled--better names are widely available on alternative TLDs.